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Goot Foot

Yeah...hop on! oh-oh-ohhh!
We're gonna take a step of faith
We're gonna walk into the water
We're gonna claim our Lord and King
We're gonna please our Heavenly Father
We'll be steady walkin'
Swiftly runnin'
Singin', dancin'
Shoutin', jumpin'

Gettin' on the goot foot
Gettin' on the gootfoot
Gettin' on the goot foot
Gettin' on the gootfoot

We're gonna stand on Holy ground
We're gonna roll with the Rock of Ages
We're gonna climb to the mountaintops
We're gonna shout and be outrageous
We'll be steady walkin'
Swiftly runnin'
Singin' and-a dancin'
Shoutin' and-a jumpin'

Repeat Chorus (x2)

Walk a new walk, never turn back (My feet on solid ground)
Run a new race, never give up (Receive my Heavenly crown)
Sing a new song, gonna sing it out loud (My purpose I have found)
Brand new life, never gonna die (And now I'm gonna get down)
1! 2! 1, 2, 3, 4!

Steady walkin' (Walkin' by faith)
Swiftly runnin' (Runnin' the race)
Singin', dancin' (Singin' and-a dancin')
Shoutin', jumpin' (Yeah)

Repeat Chorus

We're gonna turn our backs on sin
We're gonna lay it on the altar
He's gonna make our footsteps sure
We're gonna run and never falter
Steady walkin' (Walkin')
Swiftly runnin' (Said swiftly runnin')
Singin' and-a dancin' (Singin' and dancin')
Shoutin', jumpin' (We're gonna shout and jump on up)
Steady walkin' (Steady walkin')
Swiftly runnin' (Oh, swiftly runnin')
Singin' and-a dancin' (Singin' and a little bit of dancin')
Shoutin', jumpin' (Shout and jump)

Repeat Chorus (x2, with stepouts)

Gettin' on the goot foot


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