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Down at the bottom of the bell

Words and music: Darin McWatters, Tim Brinkman, and Tim Sovinec © 1998 Bridge Building Music, Inc.


Well my lifeís such a disaster, nothiní ever turns out right
Iím so stressed with all my problems, canít get any sleep at night
Everyone I knowís against me and my parents treat me bad
Now you know my whole life story, tell me does it make you sad

Taking every situation in the worst possible way
I can make anything seem bad, I know all the words to say
I exaggerate my stories, make things seem worse than they are
Drag my feet and slump my shoulders, acting sadís where Iím a star

Look at me everyone down at the bottom of a well
Donít bother rescuing me yet, Iíve not had time to whine and yell
I could climb out if I wanted, this holeís not really that deep
At the bottom of the well, though, Ďcause thatís where I want to be

Even when the sun is shininí I complain of my sunburn
Sympathy and aloe vera are the things for which I yearn
When my baby wants to snuggle I say ďI wanna be aloneĒ
Fun like that just makes me happy, thereís no time to frown and moan

If Iíd cast all of my cares upon the Lord as he commands
I know Iíd find peace and shelter there inside His loving hands
But Iíd not get the attention negativity provides
Iíll just find myself a hole, ask all the watch and jump inside

Repeat Chorus

I need somebody to tell me everything will be alright
Feeling miserableís hard work, wonít someone pity me tonight?

Repeat Chorus

Repeat Verse 1


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