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Do this well

To the Syrian camp at twilight,
Hungry, thirsty, bleeding, sore,
Came four leprous men of Israel;
Found they there abundant store�
Gold and silver, food and raiment,
�We must go the message tell,
�Tis a day of joyful tidings,
Waiting here, we do not well.�

�Tis the day of full salvation,
Go, the joyful message tell;
While we wait the millions perish,
And we do not well.

Do we well, my precious brethren?
While they starve and die for bread,
We, with heaven�s richest blessings,
Are so bountifully fed;
If we tarry till the morning,
Mischief shall our souls befall�
Go and tell earth�s dying millions,
There is bread enough for all.

India�s lost ones still are crying,
From that sin-benighted land;
Hear those wails from darkest China,
And from Egypt�s sunlit strand;
While a soul remains in darkness,
And in idleness we dwell,
Selfishly the truth enjoying,
Brethren, dear, we do not well.

While a few have crossed the ocean,
Leaving all for Jesus� name,
There is room for many others�
Go, the gospel news proclaim!
Those who roam in sin�s dominion
Can be rescued yet from hell,
While a moment�s left to save them;
If we wait, we do not well.

If we labor on for Jesus,
And to every dying one
Tell the glad and joyful tidings,
Till life�s fleeting day is done,
When we stand before the judgment,
While our hearts with rapture swell,
We shall hear the Savior saying,
�Ye have done exceeding well.�


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