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Day Star on High

Daystar on high, bright harbinger of gladness,
piercing the clouds of ignorance and error,
thou hast dispersed our night of sin and sadness;
death has no terror.
Darkness is past, joy cometh in the morning;
hope springs anew for sinners without number:
Sleepers, awake! a brighter day is dawning;
shake off your slumber.

Prophets of old spake darkly of this wonder,
psalmist and saints have handed on the story;
now he is risen, bursting bonds asunder,
risen to glory.
Earth's tyrants quail; the mighty make obeisance:
he hath preferred the innocent and lowly:
mercy and truth shine round about his presence:
his name is holy.

Victor he comes in majesty, revealing
promise of life and liberty to mortals;
heaven and earth, with hymns of triumph pealing,
throw wide their portals.
Praise him, ye nations, hearts and voices blending:
raise high your song; the Conqueror advances:
praise him with cymbals, lute and harp attending,
praise him with dances.

Hail him the Monarch, Ruler of creation;
prince and powers, bow your heads before him,
this is the Lord, the God of our salvation;
let us adore him.
Lord God of hosts, great Deity supernal,
be thou our strength, by thee our steps be guided,
Father and Son and Spirit co-eternal,
One undivided.


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