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Burden Bearer

There's a time in every life
When we've got to realize
That there are some things in this world
That we can't do
And there's a time in every heart
In every woman, man or child
When the pressures seem to get
The best of you
I know of one who handles problems
He's a burden bearing friend
And there is nothing in this world
He cannot do
So take those burdens that you are bearing
And release them to the Lord
I guarantee you
He will make you feel brand new

So take your burdens to the Lord (Take it to the Lord when you need a better friend)
He's a burden bearing friend (Burdens go away when the Lord is here to stay)
Take your burdens to the Lord (Take it to the Lord, there's no better friend than He)
On His love you can depend (Fully lean upon His everlasting arms)
Take your burdens to the Lord (Take it to the Lord and you'll never be afraid)
Don't you fear and please don't doubt (Doubts and fears today they can only cloud the way)
Take your burdens to the Lord (Take it to the Lord, won't you take it right away)
He will help you work them out (Today)

When your youthful days are fading
And your sight is growing dim
And the health you had before
You can't regain (health is almost gone)
When each day seems like forever
With the problems of old age
And it's hard to smile 'cause your body
Is filled with pain

My Jesus knows your every burden
And He knows what you can bear
So don't you feel that you
Are out there on your own
He can help you if you will let Him
He is waiting there for you
He'll be a friend who will never
Leave you all alone

Repeat Chorus


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