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Brother Taylor

Brother Taylor keep on preachin'
'Cause you know just what we need
When we turn from what we know is right
And what is good indeed
Brother Taylor don't be easy
As your telling us His Word
Tell the greatest news that man has ever heard

At the old country church house (old country church), he was the preacher man
He preached the Word from the Bible, talkin' 'bout the promised land
And the old time religion (preachin' the word) and just how it will be
It seemed like he was preachin' to me
When he spoke about righteousness and having pure minds
And controlling our appetite all of the time
Didn't know if I could live it (knew it was right), though I knew it was right
Love the Lord with all of my might

Repeat Chorus

Then I came to the crossroads (came to a choice) and I was given a choice
I could see Brother Taylor; I could still hear his voice
"If you wanna follow Jesus (answer His call) and would answer His call
You know you've got to give Him your all"
So I made a decision (do what is right) that I would do what is right
I would give to the Master all of my life
Yes for old Brother Taylor's (still on my mind) an inspiration to me
Guides me to eternity

Repeat Chorus

Even though he's gone (he's gone), I have the strength to carry on (carry on)
The word he left with me is I'm forgiven
I hear him preaching now (hear now) as he is sharing with us how (share with how)
That we can live together up in Heaven

Repeat Chorus

Ever heard (still preach the Word)


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