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Because of His Love

Well I have been turnin' it all away (everything away)
Now I'm very happy to say (I'm so happy to say)
Givin' up everything
Because of His love (for His love)
'Cause I have been too long in the night (everything was not right)
Doin' things that wasn't right (you know, it was not right)
Givin' up everything
Because of His love (for His love)

Well I would like to say thank you (thank You)
But there's just not a way (thank You)
To find the perfect words (thank You)
That I would like to say (thank You)
I'm no longer a prisoner (thank You)
Of the fear of Hell (thank You)
'Cause Jesus came to help me (thank You)
And to pay my bail (thank You)

Yes, He paid the price for the likes of me
How Jesus cares so much now I may never see (that I see)
He humbled Himself and He carried a cross
Was I really worth the cost?

Repeat Chorus

You know I just got to praise You (praise You)
For the way that You've been (praise You)
For me a wretched sinner (praise You)
A beloved friend (praise You)
Yes, I'm indebted to praise You (praise You)
For the way that You feel (praise You)
To make the long procession (praise You)
Up to Calvary's hill (praise You)

Yes, He took my sin and I now confess
That Jesus Christ had made me His own righteousness (righteousness)
There's no condemnation, no judgements since He's
Givin' me the victory

Repeat Chorus

Yes I've been givin' it all to Jesus (givin' it all to the Son)
Givin' it all to the Son
And we've been spending our time together (now that my life has begun)
Now that my life has begun
Showing my gracious affection
For Him who has suffered for me
You know I can't go wrong in His presence (from now on you will see)
From now on you will see

Repeat Chorus

Yes, I've been givin' up everything
Because of His love (for His love)


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