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All Praises To Saint Patrick

All praise to Saint Patrick,
who brought to our mountains
The gift of God's faith,
the sweet light of His love.
All praise to the Shepherd
who showed us the fountains
That rise in the Heart
of the Saviour above.
For hundreds of years,
In smiles and in tears,
Our Saint hath been with us,
our shield and our stay;
All else may have gone,
Saint Patrick alone.
He hath been to us light,
when earth's lights were all set,
For the glories of faith
they can never decay,
And the best of our glories
is bright with us yet,
in the faith and the feast
of Saint Patrick's day.
There is not a Saint
in the bright courts of heaven,
More faithful than he
to the land of his choice;
Oh well may the nation
to whom he was given,
In the feast of their Sire
and apostle rejoice.
In Glory above
True to his love,
He keeps the false faith
from his children away.
The dark false faith
Far worse than death.
Oh he drives it far off
from the green sunny shore,
Like the reptiles that fled
from his curse in dismay,
And Erin when error's
proud triumph is o'er,
Will still be found keeping
Saint Patrick's day.

Then what shall we do
for the heaven sent father?
What shall the proof
of our loyalty be?
By all that is dear
to our hearts we would rather
Be martyred sweet Saint,
than bring shame upon thee.
But oh, he will take
The promise we make,
So to live that our lives
by God's help, may display
The light that he bore
To Erin's shore.
Oh Yes Father of Ireland!
no child wilt thou own
Whose life is not lighted
by grace on its way;
For they are true Irish,
ah yes, they alone,
Whose hearts are all true
on Saint Patrick's day.



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