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All Kinds of Fishes

Chorus 1:
Sitting in my boat fishing in the sea
Putting out my net and oh so carefully
When it comes back, well what will it be?
All kinds of fishes when you're fishing in the sea
All kinds of fishes when you're fishing in the sea

Big school of dolphins splashing in the sun
They don't care much, they're just having fun
Over to the left a jellyfish in tow
Following the current wherever it may go

Catfish make you wait all day
Then he grabs the bait and tries to run away
Bringing in starfish really is a cinch
'Cause he sits on the bottom
And doesn't move an inch

Repeat Chorus 1

Chorus 2:
Fisherman, I wanna be God's fisherman
If it weren't for all of those scales and fins
I'd say fish were just like men
Fisherman, I wanna be God's fisherman
Well the Lord told me to cast my net
Though I'm not finished yet
I am a fisherman!

If you're dealing with a shark, never pick a fight
They've got a big mouth eating everything in sight
A whale snacked Jonah, we know this is true
He may be a giant but his heart is big too

Crab is one nut that's tough to crack
With great big claws and thick-skinned back
Swordfish got a great big snout
But they never give up and they never give out

Repeat Chorus 2

Repeat Chorus 1 (x2)

All kinds of fishes when you're fishing in the sea

I am a fisherman!



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