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What a mighty God we Serve
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  1. Our Father’s wondrous works we see
    In the earth and sea and sky;
    He rules o’er all in majesty,
    From His royal throne on high.
    • Refrain:
      What a mighty God we serve!
      What a mighty God we serve!
      Reigning now above, on His throne of love,
      What a mighty God we serve!
  2. The raging winds and waves are calm,
    When He says to them, “Be still”;
    The heavens praise Him in a psalm,
    And the angels do His will.
  3. He maketh worlds by His command,
    Weighs the mountains great and high;
    He metes the waters in His hand,
    Spans the lofty, starlit sky.
  4. Our God, to save from sin’s control,
    Gave His Son: a sacrifice;
    His grace, abounding in the soul,
    Makes the earth a paradise.



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