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It is mine


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God~ez_rsquo~s abiding peace is in my soul today,
Yes, I feel it now, yes I feel it now;
He has taken all my doubts and fears away,
Tho~ez_rsquo~ I cannot tell you how.


It is mine, mine, blessèd be His Name!
He has given peace, perfect peace to me;
It is mine, mine, blessèd be His Name!
Mine for all eternity!

He has wrought in me a sweet and perfect rest,
In my raptured heart I can feel it now;
He each passing moment keeps me saved and blest,
Floods with light my heart and brow.


He has given me a never failing joy,
Oh, I have it now! oh, I have it now!
To His praise I will my ransomed pow~ez_rsquo~rs employ,
And renew my grateful vow.


Oh, the love of God is comforting my soul,
For His love is mine, yes, His love is mine!
Waves of joy and gladness o~ez_rsquo~er my spirit roll,
Thrilling me with life divine.


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